Sapporo Orientation and Block Guides! Files, that is!

Good morning! (Or perhaps, afternoon, or evening, I can’t be everywhere at once.) This one especially goes out to all of you newly arrived JETs, but I’m sure all of us can get something useful out of this post.

Below are links to files from Sapporo Orientation, as well as all of the various Block Guides. (“Block” as in your chunk of Hokkaido.) The Block Guide files are publicly available, but the Sapporo Orientation files are password protected. Check out an email titled “Hokkaido PA-Mail: Self Introduction and Misc Announcments” that should be in your inbox for said password.

Sapporo Orientation Files

Block Guides

Side note: emails from the various JET administrators are #veryimportant and contain lots of useful information, so make sure you read ’em when you get ’em, and read ’em good.