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Samani Easter Event 2017 hosted by Sarah Higdon!

Haven’t gotten your fill of eggs and/or bunny hopping for the day? Then check out Sarah Higdon’s Easter event in Samani!

I have broken down this event into parts so that we might encompass many if not all parts that Easter has to offer. There is the most obvious Egg Hunt for the younger children. Afterward, we had the Egg-in-Spoon Relay, followed by a Bunny Hop Race. Next, we had a short break to hand out prizes for special eggs found during the Egg Hunt, and to allow people to get drinks that were provided. We also allowed time to present Easter Cakes, which I made, and to take pictures with Apoi Chan and the Egg Hunt groups. This then moved into Tea Time, during which people enjoyed their cakes and drinks. It was during this time that I presented a small explanation about Easter. Of course, this explanation was mostly in English, with Japanese translations to help explain the more complex things. Next, we had Egg Dyeing for the children. Finally, the children and volunteers gathered for the Bunny Hop Dance.


Pictures coming soon!

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