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HAJET Meetings (Upcoming)

Winter Meeting 2017 RSVP!

From the depths of my kotatsu I emerge… to bring you news of the 2k17 Winter Meeting! We’ll be in Niseko this year, so let’s enjoy enjoying Niseko together with me. Seriously, this is the last big HAJET meeting for quite a while; you won’t regret joining us for some classic gaijin shenanigans.

The deadline for RSVPing is Wednesday, Feb 15th (Wed. February 1st if you’re relying on HAJET for accomodation!)

Below are the RSVP link, the information pack (Japanese version to be uploaded soon!) and the BoE Letter Form. Make sure you RSVP ASAP so that you don’t miss out on any of the winter fun times!

2017 Winter Meeting Info Pack

2017 Winter Meeting Info Pack [日本語]

2017 Winter Meeting Email Back Form

2017 Winter Meeting Request Letter [日本語]

2017 Winter Meeting RSVP Link

See y’all soon!

2016 HAJET Fall Meeting RSVP (Asahikawa)

(日本語は下 — Japanese follows)

I look out the window of my junior high school and see that most of the leaves have fallen off most of the trees. And that is sad. But wait! I remember what time of year it is, and what events are coming, and that makes me happy.

That’s right folks, it’s just about time for the HAJET 2016 Fall Meeting! For you newcomers, think of it as a welcome party on steroids, but not, like, obnoxious about it. It’ll be a fun weekend with tons of fun events, sightseeing, and enkais! Not to mention, it’s gonna be in Asahikawa, which is a fun place that’s accessible from all corners of the island! You’re definitely not going to want to miss this one.

So how does one attend a meeting such as this? By RSVPing in a timely manner of course! Below are all the links and forms you’ll need to save yourself a spot.


INFO PACKS //   English (updated!) (英語)   /   Japanese (日本語)

EMAIL BACK FORM //   English (英語)

BOE REQUEST FORM //   Japanese (日本語)

Also! While the HAJET meetings are NOT official work meetings, some COs have been known to assist with your travel and lodging, either upfront or in a reimbursement afterward. While you shouldn’t expect your BoE to pay because they don’t have to, if you want to ask about it you can.




2016 HAJET Summer Meeting RSVP

Have you seen the trees lately? Have you seen the lakes and rivers? Have you seen the sun shining merrily all day? AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?

Time for the HAJET Summer Meeting. Lake Toya, campfires, late nights, tents and, at last, t-shirt weather. And the choir sung Glory Hallelujah unto the heavens and all was right in the world.

I don’t think I need to go into much detail here. Not only because the Summer Meeting’s reputation probably precedes it, but because we’ve got an info pack with all the detail you could want. Check it out below, then fill out the RSVP form online. Alternately, you can print out, fill out, scan, and email back the ’email-back form’, if pen is more your style. Find the info below.


INFO PACK // English  / Japanese



2016 Winter Meeting in Furano

Jeepers wow, is it that time of year again? Time for the HAJET Prefectural Council to change over? Looks like it is! Which means it’s also time for ALTs to descend upon a ski mecca for a weekend of deep pow, faceshots, good food, good company, and democratic procedure! What a world.

This year’s Winter Meeting will be held in Furano, from February 26-28. Besides the meeting, the changeover of Prefectural Council positions, and enkai on Saturday evening, HAJET’s got a whole slew of events planned, such as: the post-enkai concert, tubing, ceramics-making, cheese-making, visiting a winery, and hot air ballooning, which hold up really? Hot air ballooning? Dang whaaaaaaat

Anyway, you can find more info in the aptly-named Info Pack below; there’s also a Japanese one, which, show it to your Board of Education along with the Japanese Request Letter and maybe they’ll even give you a little funding to attend. Fill out the Google-Forms Online RSVP Form (we promise it’s easy) or alternately the Email-Back Form (which you can email-back to Emily Schuster at and you’ll be ready to go!

Looking forward to seeing you there.



2016 WINTER MEETING INFO PACK // English | Japanese


2015 Fall Meeting in Obihiro

Well here ya have it, folks. The leaves are starting to change in the mountains, the animals are packing up to tuck in for the cold, and the air is beginning to smell a little like fall. It’s time for HAJET’s annual Fall Meeting.

This year it’s going to be in Obihiro, the jewel of Tokachi and the home of the all-day butadon. Also, as it turns out, a great place for horse racing, onsen access, and views of the fall colors on the back of the Tokachi Range (if mountains can really be said to have a back).

All your favorite Fall Meeting friends are back: seminars, an enkai, a pub quiz, and of course who could forget everybody’s hero, the general meeting?

Check out the info packet for a more detailed breakdown of the events and for a schedule. We’re expecting to see you there!




INFO PACKET // English | Japanese