HAJET Constitution – 2016 Fall Update

How’s it goin’, HAJET and friends of HAJET? Are any of you familiar with a little something we like to call the “Polestar” by chance? If not, you really should acquaint yourself with it – the production quality has been off the chain this year, from well-written articles to slick design work.

Speaking of which! The well-written articles are overseen by none other than the Editor, but what about the slick design work? We on the PC thought we ought to give Isabelle Legault, the Polestar Designer, the recognition she deserves, so we voted to give her an official seat at the PC table. However, being all official and stuff, a change this big means an update to the Constitution was in order. Check out the updated HAJET Constitution below if you’re into paperwork, or have an interest in getting more involved and informed on the inner workings of the HAJET PC.

HAJET Constitution Revised October 2016

tl;dr: The Polestar Designer can sit with the cool kids now.