Useful Links

Here’s a real serious list of links that you may find useful. We don’t have much more to say than that. This is pretty self-explanatory. It’s links to stuff. They’re useful. That’s it.       — The Management

Hokkaido Related

Hokkaido Official Tourism Website
Sapporo City Official Site
Asahikawa City International Center
What’s Happening in Obihiro?

Outdoor Activities
Snow Japan
Hokkaido Powder Guides
Outdoor Japan

English Speaking Doctor/Dentist Search Site

Foreign News Sites
CNN International News
CBC News
Australian News
BBC News

Japanese News Sites (in English)
Japan Today
The Daily Yomiuri
The Japan Times

JET Program Related
National AJET
The JET Programme
CLAIR (Council of Local Authorities for International Relations)
National CIR Website
French JETs
Wide Island View (Hiroshima JETs)
Gifu JETs

Prefectural AJET organizations
Toyama AJET

Embassies and Consulates
Index of Embassies, Consulates, and International Organizations in Japan
US Embassy Japan
US Consulate Sapporo
Australian Embassy Japan
Australian Consulate Sapporo
New Zealand Embassy Japan
Canadian Embassy Japan
Irish Embassy Japan

Japanese Language Resources Japanese – English dictionary
Jim Breen’s Japanese Dictionary
Kanji Game
A Door to the World of Kanji
The Japan Times Kanji Clinic

Online Shopping
Amazon Japan
Kakaku (Discount Electronics)
Rakuten (Discount Everything)

Teaching Resources
MES English
Three Wise Monkeys
Dave’s ESL Cafe
Genki English

Transportation and Travel – Planning
JET Holiday Travel Info
Japan National Tourist Organization

Transportation and Travel – Plane
Kayak Airline Search
Kokuken Airline Search
Skymark Airlines
Japan Airlines (JAL)
Air Do (Japanese)

Transportation and Travel – Car
JAF (License Info)
Northern Road Navi (Road maps!)

Transportation and Travel – Train
Train Times (in English)

Transportation and Travel – Bus
Chuo Bus Timetable (in Japanese)