Mental Health Counseling

Starting in 2015, CLAIR has worked with an external company called FISMEC to provide online counseling services to all JET participants, in two ways. The goal of these services is to help minimize stress and to support both work-related and personal issues. It is possible to use these services anonymously, and both services exercise strict confidentiality with regards to personal information. CLAIR receives updates on overall usage statistics; however, specific counseling content will not be reported to CLAIR, CO’s, or other parties.

The first service is Web Mail Counseling which involves an email correspondence with trained counselors. This service can be accessed at . Registration is required but all that is needed is a valid email address and basic demographic information. A response from your counselor will be sent within 3 business days. A single consultation only consists of three messages, but multiple consultations can be opened about the same subject. JETs can also view precious questions and answers from their counselors at any time

The second service is Skype Counseling. The counselors for this service are advertised as having native-level English skills and many cross-cultural experiences. This service can be accessed at . JETs have the option of 20 or 40 minute sessions. You will need to complete a sign-up form and note up to three times that you would be available. A counselor contact you later via email the consultation time, date, and place of access. Sessions can be scheduled until 9:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

Note 1: Although the FISMEC website states that only 7 sessions can be provided for free, CLAIR’s agreement with the company is for an unlimited number of sessions for any JET

Note 2: If you need to cancel a scheduled session, please email FISMEC directly at

FINAL NOTE: The online counseling services provided by CLAIR /cannot/ be used for crisis or emergency situations. In the case of an emergency, please seek help from a different resource.

A Few Words from CLAIR on Using the JET Online Counseling Service

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