Sapporo is the capital and largest city in Hokkaido and serves as the jumping-off point for most visitors to Hokkaido. It’s also a central(-ish) meeting point for ALTs from all around the island. It’s also a pretty good, though not particularly distinguished, Japanese rice lager. So, that’s pretty cool.


City of Sapporo Website

  • Links to the “Living in Sapporo” Handbook (English)
  • Contains sections for: Information & Consultation, Emergencies & Disasters, Foreign Resident Registration, Medical Services (includes information on insurance and what to do if you need to go to a hospital after-hours), Daily Life, Waste Disposal, and more.
  • Links to a VERY helpful yearly Event Calendar
The Plaza (Information on Living in Sapporo for Foreign Residents)

  • Has an active “What’s New?” board
  • Contains sections for: Emergencies, Visas, Medical Information, Living in Sapporo
  • Excellent resources for consultation services (including for legal assistance, job searches, residential status, child care, and more)
What’s On In Sapporo Newsletter!/c1yzj

  • Monthly English newsletter put out by the Hokkaido International Women’s Association
  • Contains information on events, holidays, sales, entertainment, and more
  • Is also an active Facebook page that posts several times a week. To access just search “What’s on in Sapporo” in Facebook
Tourist Information Center

West Concourse, North Exit, JR Sapporo Station

  • Open 8:30 – 20:00 daily
  • Free WiFi
  • Multilingual information packets and some English-speaking staff
  • Information on Hokkaido tourism and Sapporo events
  • Staff at the service desks can help you make JR and bus reservations



Welcome to Sapporo

  • Active, up-to-date, and easy to use. This is my personal favorite
  • Has great pictures, provides maps and detailed info on locales
  • Covers events and sightseeing spots, and is BEST for activity suggestions (ie bike tours, budget date ideas, al fresco dining, etc)
  • Links to an active multi-lingual blog spotlighting restaurants and cafes around town
See Sapporo

  • Currently inactive but has an EXTENSIVE archive. Easy to navigate and organized so you can find exactly what you’re looking for
  • Not so much information on events, but is BEST for shops and sightseeing locations. Includes solid reviews, a good maps function, and information such as store hours
  • Be sure to check the comments as they’re often helpful as well
Go! Sapporo

  • Active but sleepy
  • Has an extensive list of possible restaurants, nightlife, and accommodations but no actual reviews. Spot on maps function.
  • The “Living” and “Things to Do” sections are good, and the “Arts and Entertainment” section is the BEST out of any site
The Best of Sapporo

  • The smallest site, old and inactive
  • Provides some good step-by-step guides (ie how to use a sento, etc)
  • Has the BEST locals’ recommendations for restaurants, hot springs, sights, etc. Includes detailed reviews.




This page lists a bunch of accommodations (hotels, inns, hostels, Internet cafes) that HAJET will vouch for, plus a couple that we won’t vouch for, but are probably totally fine because this is Japan and how sketchy can it really get? Click here for the list.

Places to Eat

Browse HAJET’s list of great restaurants in Sapporo here, but keep in mind that this list isn’t exhaustive. It’s said that if you were to try to dine at every restaurant in Sapporo, three restaurants a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), it would take you 560 million years to get through all of them.