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2016 HAJET Fall Meeting RSVP (Asahikawa)

(日本語は下 — Japanese follows)

I look out the window of my junior high school and see that most of the leaves have fallen off most of the trees. And that is sad. But wait! I remember what time of year it is, and what events are coming, and that makes me happy.

That’s right folks, it’s just about time for the HAJET 2016 Fall Meeting! For you newcomers, think of it as a welcome party on steroids, but not, like, obnoxious about it. It’ll be a fun weekend with tons of fun events, sightseeing, and enkais! Not to mention, it’s gonna be in Asahikawa, which is a fun place that’s accessible from all corners of the island! You’re definitely not going to want to miss this one.

So how does one attend a meeting such as this? By RSVPing in a timely manner of course! Below are all the links and forms you’ll need to save yourself a spot.


INFO PACKS //   English (updated!) (英語)   /   Japanese (日本語)

EMAIL BACK FORM //   English (英語)

BOE REQUEST FORM //   Japanese (日本語)

Also! While the HAJET meetings are NOT official work meetings, some COs have been known to assist with your travel and lodging, either upfront or in a reimbursement afterward. While you shouldn’t expect your BoE to pay because they don’t have to, if you want to ask about it you can.




3rd Annual Samani Easter Egg Hunt

This past April, Margaret Pickard hosted an annual Easter event way down in Samani. Kudos to Margaret and Co. for managing to persuade the Easter Bunny to make the trip – it sure seems like the kids enjoyed it! Check out a re-cap of the event and some fun pictures below:

“Samani successfully held its 3rd annual Easter Egg Hunt on April 16th, 2016. The day began bright and early for 40+ kids with an egg hunt, followed by games, egg-dying, and eating rabbit-shaped cakes while learning about Easter traditions with ALTs from around the area. HAJET’s financial support helped make this event a reality and one of the most memorable days of the year.”