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2016 HAJET Fall Meeting RSVP (Asahikawa)

(日本語は下 — Japanese follows)

I look out the window of my junior high school and see that most of the leaves have fallen off most of the trees. And that is sad. But wait! I remember what time of year it is, and what events are coming, and that makes me happy.

That’s right folks, it’s just about time for the HAJET 2016 Fall Meeting! For you newcomers, think of it as a welcome party on steroids, but not, like, obnoxious about it. It’ll be a fun weekend with tons of fun events, sightseeing, and enkais! Not to mention, it’s gonna be in Asahikawa, which is a fun place that’s accessible from all corners of the island! You’re definitely not going to want to miss this one.

So how does one attend a meeting such as this? By RSVPing in a timely manner of course! Below are all the links and forms you’ll need to save yourself a spot.


INFO PACKS //   English (updated!) (英語)   /   Japanese (日本語)

EMAIL BACK FORM //   English (英語)

BOE REQUEST FORM //   Japanese (日本語)

Also! While the HAJET meetings are NOT official work meetings, some COs have been known to assist with your travel and lodging, either upfront or in a reimbursement afterward. While you shouldn’t expect your BoE to pay because they don’t have to, if you want to ask about it you can.




2012 HAJET Fall Meeting

Boys and girls,

The end of summer is almost upon us, which means it’s time for me to start thinking about fall meeting. This year, fall meeting will be held on Friday 19th– Sunday 21st October in Obihiro City!

The fall meeting is the next big meet up for HAJET members after the marathon stretch of welcome parties, and relative calm afterwards. It’s a chance for you to catch up with old friends and make yet more new ones as well as gaining some useful information/ skills at a workshop or two.

In addition to the officially scheduled activities, there will be time for you to enjoy the city, please check out this website for ideas of what fun there is to be had in Obihiro. http://www.obikan.jp/lang/english/festival.shtml

Please find below the schedule of events and RSVP form

RSVP deadline is Sunday September 23rd!

Please note that some contracting organizations are willing to pay for your attendance at fall meeting or allow you to take special leave rather than annual leave, so please be sure to talk to your contracting organization ASAP, perhaps making use of the Japanese Information Packet.

Questions/ comments/ can’t control your excitement and need to express it in written form? Feel free to contact me at vp@hajet.org. Yours, Lucy.

Click here to view the full schedule and RSVP!

2011 HAJET Fall Meeting RSVP

Otaru Canal
Otaru Canal

This year the 2011 Fall Meeting will be held at Otaru.  This is a great time to get insight into the coming winter months, make some new friends, see some old ones, and reflect upon your first few months in Japan.  Otaru offers some fantastic architectural landscapes and a chance to get some shopping in, as well as a scenic canal and home to some fancy handmade artifacts.  Talk to your BOE about it and get ready for a great time.

When: Saturday, October 8 to Monday, October 10.  Check-in is after 3:00pm and check-out is before 11:00am

Where: Otaru (小樽市), Hotel Sonia (ホテルソニア)

Otaru Community Center – This is where we’ll be holding workshops and meetings.

Cost: 6,300円 per night, person. There are only triple rooms available. If you would like to room with friends, please write the person or persons’ names on the RSVP form. As space is limited, we will be assigning rooms as appropriately as possible to fill in gaps. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

Enkai Graffiti Party: Sunday, October 9. 7:00pm-8:30pm Otaru Canal Dining Hall Asakusabashi Beer Hall (小樽運河食堂 浅草橋ビアホール).  Bring your white shirts, neon colors and wacky paints because you’ll be doing a lot of drawing… on each other.  More details about the theme coming shortly.

  • 90 minute All you can eat / 食べ放題.  Must buy your own drinks
  • 1,800円 HAJet Members / 2,200円 Non-HAJet Members
  • Lamb and Buffet Style: With Sushi, Salad, Fruits, Ramen, Single Dishes and more
  • Drinks: Sodas, Juices, Coffee, Alcohol and Beer
  • We will be collecting enkai fees at the general meeting, so be sure to pay Andy Suvoltos then.

Map: 2011 Fall Meeting Otaru of Need to Know Locations

Deadline: If you intend to go, please RSVP by Sunday, September 18th through the online form.  I realize the deadline is a bit early, but if you want to go, but you’re not sure how your BOE will react, RSVP anyways.  It’s easier to RSVP and cancel later than it is to RSVP after the deadline. If you don’t feel comfortable RSVPing online, you can print and fax the form directly to: Curtis Takaichi, Hobetsu Mukawa Board of Education, Fax: 0145-45-3843.

Important: If your BOE requires a mailed detailed packet about the meeting in Japanese, or you think they may need one, please indicate on the Online RSVP form and I will send them a packet.  Otherwise, you will be able to print and hand one to them.

Packets and the Fax Back Form

2011 FALL HAJet Fax Back Form (161KB DOC)

HAJET 2011 Fall Meeting Packet-Japanese (163 DOC)

Enkai Info
Enkai Info
Fall Meeting Info
Fall Meeting Info

Click “READ MORE” to fill out the online form.
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2010 HAJET Fall Meeting: “Fall of the Roman Empire” in Asahikawa

2010 HAJET Fall Meeting: Friday, October 8th – Sunday, October 10th

Asahibashi Bridge in AsahikawaHey there boys and girls! It was great seeing all of you at the Welcome Parties! Maybe you’ll be spending the next couple of weekends at home, but don’t get too comfortable cause it’s almost time for the HAJET Fall Meeting! This year we’ll be meeting in Asahikawa, the 2nd largest city in Hokkaido! Be sure to check out the Asahiyama Zoo, slurp up Asahikawa’s signature miso ramen, and take a stroll through the Heiwai Dori Shopping Park!

Our accommodation and meeting locale for the weekend will be at the Fujita Kanko Washington Hotel (藤田観光ワシントンホテル), just across from the train station. (see meeting pamphlet and packet for accommodation details)

We’ll start of the weekend on Friday night with some great workshops about work and life in Hokkaido, as well as our opening ceremony (very Japanese!). Saturday morning we have our general meeting where we will discuss HAJET business, including the election of our 1st Year Liaison position. After lunch we have another great workshop on driving in Hokkaido that you won’t want to miss.
For those of you with musical or acting aspirations, Saturday is your chance to shine! There will be musical auditions held right after the afternoon workshop.
Saturday night we’ll be heading out on the town in our themed threads: “Fall of the Roman Empire.” HEC is sponsoring a costume contest and bake sale at the enkai, so wear your best toga and bring baked goods!

You can download your Fall Meeting Packet (Japanese ver.) and Pamphlet right here! The paper version should be arriving at your office/school soon.

2010 Fall Meeting Pamphlet (1.4MB PDF)
2010 Fall Meeting Packet PDF Version (331KB PDF)
2010 Fall Meeting Packet MS Word Version (215KB DOC)

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact HAJET Vice President, Lisa Utsumi at vp@hajet.org.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!