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Winter Meeting 2017 RSVP!

From the depths of my kotatsu I emerge… to bring you news of the 2k17 Winter Meeting! We’ll be in Niseko this year, so let’s enjoy enjoying Niseko together with me. Seriously, this is the last big HAJET meeting for quite a while; you won’t regret joining us for some classic gaijin shenanigans.

The deadline for RSVPing is Wednesday, Feb 15th (Wed. February 1st if you’re relying on HAJET for accomodation!)

Below are the RSVP link, the information pack (Japanese version to be uploaded soon!) and the BoE Letter Form. Make sure you RSVP ASAP so that you don’t miss out on any of the winter fun times!

2017 Winter Meeting Info Pack

2017 Winter Meeting Info Pack [日本語]

2017 Winter Meeting Email Back Form

2017 Winter Meeting Request Letter [日本語]

2017 Winter Meeting RSVP Link

See y’all soon!

HAJET Winter Meeting 2013

This year’s HAJET winter meeting is almost upon us. Please come and join us for our coldest seasonal meeting in the world renowned ski resort of Niseko! In addition to the usual workshops, meetings and social events, you’ll have plenty of time to chill out on the slopes and practice your pizza carving. If adrenaline pumping snow sports aren’t for you, Niseko has plenty to offer in terms of cuisine, cute little coffee shops, and slower paced ways to enjoy the snow.  Check out the area at http://www.nisekotourism.com/en/.

Please note that some contracting organizations are willing to pay for your attendance at winter meeting, or allow you to take special leave rather than annual leave, so please be sure to talk to your contracting organization ASAP, perhaps making use of the Japanese information packet.

Please find below all necessary information, and as ever, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at rsvp@hajet.org.

RSVP deadline is February 3rd.

Date: March 1st – 3rd.

Location: Niseko

Hotel: Freedom Inn


  • One night: 6900 yen per person (including one breakfast).
  • Two nights: 12900 yen per person (including two breakfasts).


  • The Freedom Inn is a boutique hotel, with a non-standardized range of rooms. The rooms available are a mix of twins, doubles, and group rooms. If you have a serious room requirement (e.g. married couples), please let us know in the queries box at the bottom of the page. Your understanding and co-operation is appreciated.


  • Free!

Transport from station:

  • A shuttle bus service is available from Kutchan station UNTIL 10pm.
  • After 10pm, you will need to make your own way to the hotel. Taxis are readily available.
  • On Saturday, transport to and from the evening venue will be provided.


N.B. Unless otherwise stated, all events will be held at the Freedom Inn.

Friday 1st March

4-8pm: Check in
8-9pm: Workshop 1: What to expect at the school year’s end.

Speaker: Lena Leray

9-10pm: Workshop 2:  Creating a safe space in your school.

Speaker: Andromeda Winters

10-10.15: Welcome/ Kanpai
10.30-11.30: PC Meeting (current and new prefectural council members only).

Saturday 2nd March

9-10pm: General Meeting
10-6pm: Free
6.30-8.30: Dinner

Location: Jam Cafe Bar

Price: 2500 yen

8:40: Return bus to hotel.
9.30-12am: Fundraising Concert

Location: Jam Cafe Bar

Price: 1000 yen

12 am: Return bus to hotel.

Sunday 3rd March

10a.m: Check out.


People who will be staying at the Freedom Inn must send the accommodation fee, via bank transfer to the details below by February 3rd. (Don’t forget to RSVP here too!)

Freedom Inn Bank Details:

English Language Account
Bank Shinsei Bank
Branch Main Branch
Account Name Eastern Mountain Planning, Inc.
Account Number 6272626
Account Type Futsu (Savings)
Japanese Language Account
Bank 新生銀行
Branch 本店
Account Name イースタン マウンテン プランニング株式会社
Account Number 6276302
Account Type 普通


People who don’t require accommodation, but will be coming to meetings (free for members, 500 yen for non members), dinner or the live music concert, can pay our treasurer, Stacey on the day.

If you RSVP yes to dinner, we will be making a booking in your name. If you cannot attend, it is your responsibility to cancel your booking and you may still be accountable for payment.

The RSVP deadline has passed.

2012 HAJET Winter Meeting

Hello Everyone!  As the last meeting before the new PC takes the reigns, I’d like to invite you all out to the HAJet Winter Meeting.  This year we will be going to Furano and enjoying the snow.  So bring your skis, snowboards, sleds, toboggans, whatever that slips down the mountain and let’s hit the slopes.

MAPS: Important Places to Know

WHEN: Friday, March 2nd to Sunday March 4th

HOTEL: Hotel Edel Warme
Single Rooms – 7,000円 per person per day
Double, Triple, or Quad – 5,000円 per person per day

ENKAI: Kumagera – 3,000円
The Enkai at the Winter Meeting will be a course menu of 6 different dishes with the main dish being Nabe.

1,000円 will go to Eden and 1,000円 will go to HAJet.  Currently there are five bands set to play. The 2,000円 also includes your first five four drinks.

Friday, March 2nd
7:00pm – 8:00pm Workshop 1: Traveling Tips, Tricks and Ideas (Melanie Chang Atsuma ALT and Husam Alsousi Tomakomai ALT)
8:00pm – 9:00pm Workshop 2: Life In Japan After JET (Isis Tyminski Perez – Former Hokkaido ALT)
9:00pm ~ PC Meeting

Saturday, March 3rd
9:00am ~ HAJet General Meeting
10:00 (10:30)am – 5:00pm Free Time / One on One’s With John McNie Hokkaido PA*
6:00pm – 8:00pm Enkai
8:30pm ~ HAJet Fundraiser Concert

Sunday, March 4th
Check Out

*One-on-one Meetings with Hokkaido PA John McNie. If you like to meet with John to talk about something, he will be available for one-on-one meetings during the free time slot on Saturday, March 3. Please send him an email at mcnie.john@pref.hokkaido.lg.jp with the following information:
JET Year:
BOE / Base School:
Detailed Question(s) :

NOTE: If your BOE is funding your trip to the Winter Meeting this year, please be sure to TALK TO YOUR BOE about the details of the meeting as early as possible.  Similarly, I will be MAILING out packets to those who requested packets from the Fall Meeting.  If you would like a MAILED packet but aren’t sure whether or not you requested one, please send an email to vp@hajet.org.  Finally, ALL THE DOCUMENTS I mail can always be downloaded from the HAJet Website and given directly to your BOE.

2012 HAJET Winter Meeting Packet – 日本語版

2012 Winter HAJet Fax Back Form

HAJet Web Page Posting

RSVP Deadline: Monday, February 20th

2011 HAJET Winter Meeting – Niseko!

Winter Meeting in Niseko
March 4th – 6th

Hey there HAJET members!

This year’s winter meeting will be held in the awesome ski resort town of Niseko! Less than two hours southwest of Sapporo, Niseko has various ways you can enjoy the outdoors in winter, whether you’re a ski bunny or not.

NisekoThis will be the last meeting with the 2010-11 Prefectural Council, and we’ll be handing things over to the new PC. So you won’t want to miss it! We will also be offering two great workshops on Friday night. So if you’re looking for ways to spice up your English lessons or currently researching prospective graduate schools, be sure to join us.

In addition to the fax or email option, thanks to our awesome webmaster Kevin, you can now RSVP right here from the website!

We are also trying to coordinate a charter bus option from Sapporo and back. But we need at least 20 people to sign up to make this happen. So be sure to indicate your interest when you RSVP below. One way is 2000yen, return (roundtrip) is 4000yen.

Please see the meeting packet and pamphlet for details and information on the schedule, location, and events.

HAJET 2011 Winter Meeting Packet – PDF Version (334KB)

HAJET 2011 Winter Meeting Packet – Word Document Version (206KB)

HAJET 2011 Winter Meeting Pamphlet – Web Viewing Version PDF (2.3MB)

HAJET 2011 Winter Meeting Pamphlet – Print Version PDF (1.2MB)

Here is also a lift ticket/bus combo deal!

If you would like a hard copy of the meeting packet sent to your school or office, please email the name and address to Lisa Utsumi at vp@hajet.org (Packets will be sent out to those who already requested hard copies at the meeting in Asahikawa.)

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

The RSVP deadline has passed.

Snowmobile Adventures at the Niseko Meeting!

Where there is a Will there is a way. One of our own membership after a fun weekend away has talked a snowmobile tour operator in Niseko into giving discounts to HAJET members, unfortunately the details only materialized this evening and as such were too late to make it into today’s Polestar. Scott from Niseko Snowmobile adventures is offering any crew  that identifies themselves as HAJET affiliated a 30% discount on any of our snowmobile tours. There is a maximum 5 people per tour, but he can run up to three tours a day. Scott has also said he would be happy to cover the cost to have a photographer come along. His company also runs snowcat/snowshoeing tours.

For more details check out www.go-nsa.com or contact scott@go-nsa.com

The packet for the meeting will be released soon, as well as an RSVP form you can fill out on the website!