2018 HAJET Central Welcome Party

Start date: 09/22/2018 - End date: 09/23/2018

Location: Yufutsu

2018 HAJET Central Welcome Party

Hey everybody!! This years Central Party will be held in the cute Yufutsu campground called ニニウキャンプ!

More information will be added at a later date! Stay tuned!!

2018 HAJET Sapporo Welcome Party

Date: 09/29/2018

Location: Sapporo

2018 HAJET Sapporo Welcome Party

Location is subject to change but will be downtown near Autumn Fest. There will be Pizza served (I am open to suggestions for vegetarian and gluten free options because salad doesn’t always cut it and I’m a carnivore that is unfamiliar with what is good.)

2018 HAJET Fall Meeting

Start date: 10/19/2018 - End date: 10/21/2018

Location: Obihiro

The 2018 HAJET Fall Meeting will take place this year in Obihiro! With lots to do in Obihiro, and HAJET sponsored events, it will surely be an event not to miss!