Welcome to Hokkaido!

Hey there, new Hokkaido JETs! Welcome to the island!

I’m sure many of you haven’t had a chance to check out the HAJET website, so here’s a quick rundown. This site has all of your HAJET related needs (such as helpful links and resources), as well as posts about events that your fellow ALT and CIRs have hosted in their towns. Hopefully even more to come, too!

This page in particular will be dedicated to helping out incoming JETs – we all know how intense orientation and the following weeks can be.  First and foremost, here is a link to the Hokkaido Newcomer’s Guide, or HNG, created by Karisa Whelan, the Publications Coordinator for HAJET. This thing is a work of art, so if you manage to lose your copy or wanna go paper-free, snag yourself an electronic copy here:

Hokkaido Newcomer’s Guide 2016 (HNG)

Now, we’re all grown ups here, so I’m sure you can navigate the HAJET site on your own. However, you might be busy getting situated in your new home and probably can’t be bothered to do so – not gonna lie, that was 100% me about a year ago. As such, here are a few links to pages on the site that I feel would be the most handy / relevant to you as a newcomer.

What the heck even is a “HAJET” anyway?

Okay fine but who even runs this thing hmmmm?

Oh cool! Can I add you on the Facebook?

Hey what about those handy dandy links you mentioned before?

Be sure to check out the rest of the site as well!