Higashikagura Halloween Party 2016

Higashikagura Halloween Party was held on 29 October, 2016, aimed at elementary school-aged children. We had a total of 135 participants and 26 volunteers spreading across 11 activity booths, including various games, face painting, and a large selection of crafts. Thanks for HAJET event funding, we were able to purchase Halloween decorations for the event […]

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Higashikagura Pumpkin Carving 2015

Higashikagura Pumpkin Carving was held on 24 October, 2015. Most participants have never carved a pumpkin before, therefore we invited three volunteers to come and show them how.¬†Thanks to HAJET event funding, we were able to purchase pumpkin carving kits, which were much safer tools for beginners. Participants were able to carve at least one […]

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