About Us

HAJET is a group of ALTs and CIRs in Hokkaido dedicated to making lives of everyone on this island a little bit better. We organize events and welcome parties to help you build a network of friends in Hokkaido. We can also fund events you might create in your town to help your community get to know you and your culture. We also organize and host The Hokkaido English Challenge (HEC) which allows students across the island a chance to experience English language immersion in a fun environment with other like-minded people.

Would you like to know more?

  • How can HAJET help fund my international event?
    After review, HAJET can help refend some of, or possibly all, the cost of an event you had in your town. Check out how HAJET can help you!
  • What events has HAJET helped fund in the past?
    We keep track of events we’ve helped fund in the past. Not only to maybe inspire you to do the same, but to show the good that can be done on our island. Take a peek at a few!
  • Does HAJET have any events coming up?
    There’s a strong possibility we might have a few events coming up. See what’s happening!
  • Who is HAJET?
    There’s quite a few of us! Learn our names and why we do what we do!
  • What’s a Prefectural Advisor (PA)?
    The Prefectural Advisor makes sure your stay in Hokkaido is a safe and sane one. Learn more about them here!
  • What’s HEC?
    HEC is a once-a-year English camp for junior high school students and senior high school students. It’s organized and run entirely by volunteers. Check out what makes HEC so special!
  • I heard HAJET sells books, how can I buy some?
    HAJET has a wide variety of books available to purchase, and we also buy some! Check out our library!