About Us

HAJET is a group of ALTs and CIRs in Hokkaido dedicated to making lives of everyone on this island a little bit better. We organize events and welcome parties to help you build a network of friends in Hokkaido. We can also fund events you might create in your town to help your community get to know you and your culture. HAJET organizes and plans The Hokkaido English Challenge (HEC) as well. HEC allows students across the island a chance to experience English language immersion in a fun environment with other like-minded people. In addition to events, we have a bookstore for book lovers who want something to read during the winter!

If you want to know makes up the HAJET prefectural council (PC) then visit our directory page.

If you want to see who the current Hokkaido prefectural advisor (PA) is then visit their prefectural advisor page.