The Hokkaido Association for
Japan Exchange and Teaching

HAJET is a volunteer group of ALT's, CIR's, SEA's, and others bringing both English and their cultures to Hokkaido.

September 2023 Polestar

The September 2023 issue of Polestar magazine is here! Enjoy the final days of summer with a welcome from the HAJET President, interesting articles packed with content, and take a journey across Hokkaido and around Japan through our Gallery! Please enjoy!

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August 2023 Polestar

The August 2023 issue of Polestar is here! Stay cool this month with intriguing articles and stunning photos from around Hokkaido and beyond! Please enjoy!

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July 2023 Polestar

The July 2023 issue of Polestar is here! Dive into summer with our extensive event list, articles, and eye-catching Gallery! Please enjoy!

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June 2023 Polestar

The June 2023 issue of Polestar is here! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful weather while reading all about Hokkaido and beyond. Please enjoy!

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May 2023 Polestar

Spring into springtime with the May 2023 issue of Polestar magazine! In this issue, we read about some Golden Week memories, learn about a ninja village, dive into more. historic recipes, and take a trip to the town of Sunagawa. Please enjoy this publication!

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