The HAJET Constitution

The HAJET constitution and operational document outlines what we hope to accomplish in Hokkaido, and various roles and duties within the organization.

Do you have questions, concerns, or ideas? Then you should:

  • Get involved! Become a HAJET member and attend our seasonal meetings. Here you can hear about major updates to our group and meet with fellow HAJET members from all over Hokkaido.
  • Volunteer! Prefectural council (PC) changeovers happen annually, and any HAJET member can apply for just about any position!
  • Get in touch! Contact any PC member with questions or comments you may have. We’ll be happy to provide answers!

The HAJET Constitution (Uploaded 2020/02/06)

The HAJET Operational Document (Uploaded 2019/09/25)

北海道支部 HAJET 憲法 (2020/02/27)

HAJET 2020-2021 Year End Review (2021/03/01)