The Prefectural Council

The prefectural council, or PC for short, is the group of elected volunteers that help our organization function. Elections happen annually, so you are more than welcome to apply after reading our constitution. If you have questions for any of us, feel free to reach out!

Catrina Caira : Southwest Representative

Catrina Caira

Southwest Representative

My name is Catrina and I’m your Southwestern Rep for this year. I was a JET ALT in Higashikawa for 5 year, an ALT in Sendai for 2 years and am now the International Relations Advisor for Imakane. My hobbies include traveling, tea ceremony, reading, cycling, and mountain climbing. I also like yosakoi and taiko. My love of traveling has led me to complete the Hokkaido Michi no eki stamp rally twice, the Hokkaido 13 temple and 88 temple pilgrimages and to visit every Japanese prefecture. I love talking about travel, teaching and food. If you know a local gem I probably haven’t been to let me know! Hope to talk to you soon in person or online.

Kyle Willits : Webmaster

Kyle Willits


Hi friends! I’m Kyle from the tiny, tiny, tiny town of Utashinai. We likely have more deer than people in my neighborhood. Before coming on the great JET adventure I was a web developer at a few different businesses, so this isn’t my first rodeo! I figured I’d put my skills to good use and help all of you. The past year has been a blur of finishing my Master’s, learning Japanese, working full time, and teaching; it still feels like I’m unable to slow down. I’m a big believer in black coffee and green tea.

Besides studying Japanese, this year I’ve started learning Kyuudo and have been teaching myself how to roast and brew coffee. I also enjoy photography and I try to explore Japan as much as possible in order to document how beautiful it is.

If you want to learn about web development for some post-JET career assistance, or just need a friend to talk to, don’t hesitate to let me know!