HEC | The Hokkaido English Challenge

Not convinced HAJET is amazing and does tons of great things? Here’s a good one for ya: The Hokkaido English Challenge, or HEC for short! A brief blurb here won’t do it justice, but here’s a few things about HEC that make it so great:

  • Your student can go on a camping trip with other kids from around Hokkaido and your fellow ALTs for a super immersive English experience.
  • Your student has a good chance of earning an all-expenses-paid study abroad trip to an English speaking country of their choice!
  • Study abroad trip or no, your student will come home with lifelong friends and memories.
  • And you can make those friends and memories, too, by volunteering for HEC Camp!

Check out the Official HEC Website for more info!

Who to Contact:

HEC Coordinator – hec@hajet.org (Ben Lee)

HEC Camp Coordinator – heccamp@hajet.org (Elissa Doyle)

HEC Test Coordinator – hec.test@hajet.org (Hanna Callen-Wicks)

[These names are subject to change soon, as HEC 2017 just finished and we are looking for volunteers for leadership soon. However, all of these lovely people are super genki about HEC, so feel free to contact them with questions.]