Hokkaido Prefectural Advisor

Hey! Looking for more great resources to help you during your time in Hokkaido? You came to the right place! Introducing Emily Schuster, the Hokkaido Prefectural Advisor (PA):

Hello! My name is Emily Schuster, and I am the Hokkaido Prefectural Advisor (PA).

I am a 4th year JET; the last 3 years I spent as an ALT in tiny town of Chippubetsu, now I live in the big city, Sapporo working as a CIR. Before moving to this wintery wonderland, I lived for most of my life in the land of sun, California. I’ve fallen quite in love with our island, and I spend most of my weekends driving all over and enjoying the amazing landscapes and nature we have here. If you ever see me around, make sure to say hello!

As your PA, I hope to provide y’all with the support you may need living as a JET in Hokkaido. If you are having trouble communicating with your BOE, need help with a visa application, or if you are going through a difficult time, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. If I can’t solve the problem, I promise to do my best to find someone who can.


And here is her contact info and very official job title. She had to defeat many powerful JETs in Japanese linguistic combat to earn this position, so you can trust that she knows her stuff.

Emily Schuster
Coordinator of International Relations (CIR)
JET Programme Prefectural Advisor (PA)
Office of International Affairs, Hokkaido Government

Office Hours (8:45 ~ 16:45 M-F)
Email: emily.schuster@pref.hokkaido.lg.jp
Phone: 011-231-4111 (ex.21-234)

Out of Office
Email: pa@hajet.org

Phone: 090-6871-9777