How to Join

So you’ve heard all about us and you want to join HAJET?  That’s great! But first, we just need a couple things from you. Take a look at our membership policy and the notes about it below, and choose which plan looks best for you. Once you’ve decided, just clickthe link below and follow the instructions.

HAJET Sign-up Google Form

We’ll get back to you with the details of how to pay, but as soon as you’re paid for, your HAJET membership will begin and you’ll start reaping the benefits. Reapin’ em.

HAJET Membership Policy:

  • One Year Membership: 3,000 Yen
  • Lifetime Membership: 5,000 Yen


  • To make changes to your membership, please contact the Secretary at
  • A one year membership begins on the month it was bought and ends twelve months later. e.g. Joined January 2012 – Ends January 2013
  • For people buying a one year membership, there is a two month grace period in which they can upgrade to a lifetime membership for 2000 yen (making the total cost 5000 yen).
  • When the one year membership runs out, the member has two options:
    – Loss of HAJET membership
    – Pay 3000 yen to upgrade to a lifetime membership