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Christmas Party at Rubeshibe High School!

Golly good gracious oh me oh my, TWO Christmas party posts in one day?! Okay, every family that leaves their Christmas lights up until early summer, you win this round. This one was hosted by Stephanie Serres at Rubeshibe High School; check it out!

Rubeshibe High School held its first annual Christmas Party on December 22nd, 2016. The snowy afternoon was full of Christmas tree decorating, joyous caroling, candy munching, educational-yet fun-Power Point learning, and comfortable and casual conversing. All of this fun and cultural exchange would not have been made possible without the financial assistance of HAJET. Thanks to HAJET’s Event Funding, Rubeshibe High School was able to end the year with happiness and merriment.

Christmas Party in Akabira!

Good morning! And what a good morning it is; I could actually see the asphalt thanks to the recent warm weather! You know what else warms my soul, even way up here in the frozen north? A post about a HAJET-funded Chirstmas party event, hosted by Chan Niang in Akabira. With color photographs! Enjoy.

The Akabira Christmas party has been going on in my town since the first ALT founded it, nearly 10 years ago.  With the shrinking population, attendance was lower than expected this year. Nonetheless, with the help of JET volunteers and the funding provided by HAJET, we were able to provide a very Merry Christmas full of hot chocolate, silly games, and crafts.  Especially popular was the photobooth, where kids can pose with holiday-themed props.  This is the first year the photos were taken on an instant camera, which I was worried couldn’t be done because of the cost, but luckily HAJET was able to cover that too.  The kids loved decorating their pictures and taking them home right away!  I hope that the people of Akabira can have more events to interact with people from all over the world.

Winter Meeting 2017 RSVP!

From the depths of my kotatsu I emerge… to bring you news of the 2k17 Winter Meeting! We’ll be in Niseko this year, so let’s enjoy enjoying Niseko together with me. Seriously, this is the last big HAJET meeting for quite a while; you won’t regret joining us for some classic gaijin shenanigans.

The deadline for RSVPing is Wednesday, Feb 15th (Wed. February 1st if you’re relying on HAJET for accomodation!)

Below are the RSVP link, the information pack (Japanese version to be uploaded soon!) and the BoE Letter Form. Make sure you RSVP ASAP so that you don’t miss out on any of the winter fun times!

2017 Winter Meeting Info Pack

2017 Winter Meeting Info Pack [日本語]

2017 Winter Meeting Email Back Form

2017 Winter Meeting Request Letter [日本語]

2017 Winter Meeting RSVP Link

See y’all soon!

Pumpkin Carving in Erimo!

As the snow begins to set in, let’s take a look back to a warmer time. A more… pumpkin-y time.

Here we have some pictures of a pumpkin carving event that took place in Erimo, led by Demetrius Papadakis. He was assisted by none other than Mr. Horse and Hello Kitty, so shouts out to all of our anthropomorphic animal friends. There was also plenty of Starburst to go around for the kids when they said “trick-or-treat.” Congratulations to anyone who didn’t get the yellow flavor!

Thanks for reading!

2016 HAJET Fall Meeting RSVP (Asahikawa)

(日本語は下 — Japanese follows)

I look out the window of my junior high school and see that most of the leaves have fallen off most of the trees. And that is sad. But wait! I remember what time of year it is, and what events are coming, and that makes me happy.

That’s right folks, it’s just about time for the HAJET 2016 Fall Meeting! For you newcomers, think of it as a welcome party on steroids, but not, like, obnoxious about it. It’ll be a fun weekend with tons of fun events, sightseeing, and enkais! Not to mention, it’s gonna be in Asahikawa, which is a fun place that’s accessible from all corners of the island! You’re definitely not going to want to miss this one.

So how does one attend a meeting such as this? By RSVPing in a timely manner of course! Below are all the links and forms you’ll need to save yourself a spot.


INFO PACKS //   English (updated!) (英語)   /   Japanese (日本語)

EMAIL BACK FORM //   English (英語)

BOE REQUEST FORM //   Japanese (日本語)

Also! While the HAJET meetings are NOT official work meetings, some COs have been known to assist with your travel and lodging, either upfront or in a reimbursement afterward. While you shouldn’t expect your BoE to pay because they don’t have to, if you want to ask about it you can.