Japanese Traditional Children’s Play Event in Higashikagura hosted by Jean Szu-Chuan Lien!

Higashikagura hosted a “Japanese Cultural Experience Program” as part of the international exchange with Jingxing Junior High School from Taipei, Taiwan. Volunteers from local groups, HOC and Ayame Senior Community College, came to help and teach participants about Japanese children’s play. The participants rotated through booths of menkowanage (ring-toss), taketonbo (bamboo-copter), kendamamangekyo (kaleidoscope), as well as getting dressed in yukata (summer kimono) and happi (vests worn during festivals) for photos. While there are some similarity between Japanese and Taiwanese children’s play, participants (both students and adults) as well as volunteers enjoyed the time together. Thanks for HAJET event funding, we were able to host an enjoyable event, and all the participants were able to take away an unforgettable memory.