HAJET 2019 Summer Recruitment

Interested in helping out HAJET? A handful of positions are open, or are soon to be open, and we could use your assistance! Read the descriptions below and, if they interest you, be sure to contact us!

Social Coordinator


  1. Plan and run the annual Snowcation fundraiser, which brings JETs from across Japan to Sapporo for the Snow Festival
  2. Organize the enkais for HAJETs meetings, SDC, and Sapporo Orientation
  3. Help HAJET regional Reps plan the Welcome Parties in the fall
  4. Help run HAJET as a core PC member by participating in weekly conference calls and voting on HAJET proposals

→ Estimated time commitment: 4 hours/week. (More in the lead up to Snowcation from October to early February)


  • Organized, friendly, and hospitable personality
  • Event planning experience preferred, but not required
  • Japanese ability (for booking venues) preferred, but not required

Social Media Coordinator


  1. Manage HAJET Facebook, Instagram, and LINE accounts
  2. Make simple graphics using Canva or a similar program (no design experience required) for social media posts, Facebook event cover photos, etc.

→ Estimated time commitment: 2 hours/week


  • Engaging and dynamic social media presence
  • Good communication skills (semi-professional communication style and correct language usage)
  • Savvy computer and internet user (e.g. convert between file types and sizes, remove backgrounds from images, find high quality photos and graphics online, likes memes)

Elections Coordinator


  1. Organize HAJET elections according to the rules outlined by the HAJET constitution
  2. Be the communicative link between the HAJET PC and those running for positions

→ Estimated Time Commitment: 3 hours/month. More during annual elections (January-February)


  • Responsible
  • Organized
  • Efficient communicator