Samani Easter 2019

My fellow JETs and I put on this event to share our culture with the children in our town and surrounding towns. Since doing this event last year, we have seen that there are more and more ‘Easter’-like things in stores: Easter eggs, chocolates, baskets, etc. Despite this, we felt like an event was still a necessity in helping children truly understanding the holiday of Easter. Through games and crafts, my fellow JETs and I hoped that we could give children a better understanding of a holiday not widely celebrated in their country.

To start the event, the CIR in our town gave a small lesson on what Easter was, and we gave a fun quiz to test the children’s knowledge. They would run to one volunteer if they thought the answer was A, and they would run to a different volunteer if they thought the answer was B. After the presentation/quiz, we divided the children into groups, and they followed a rotation through four different stations: an outdoor egg hunt, cookie decorating, egg key-chain making, and an obstacle race. Within these activities, there were opportunities for the children to earn a special prize. Once every group had gone through the stations, the children were awarded their prizes, and then everyone gathered together to dance the “Bunny Hop” and take a group photo.