HAJET’s first-ever photo competition!

HAJET’s first-ever PHOTO COMPETITION is now accepting entries!

Members from all over Hokkaido can submit pictures that relate to the theme “Hidden Gems”. It’s based on an article from the July issue of Polestar (our monthly magazine) by HAJET President, Sonia Chand. Please check out the excerpt below:

“In Yoichi, one such place is Fugoppe Cave. The cave is only open during the warmer seasons and contains extraordinary prehistoric paintings, some of which are over 2,000 years old. To me this is one of Yoichi’s ‘hidden gems’. Something that’s special to many and well looked after by members of the local community.”

(Doesn’t that make you want to drive to Yoichi right now?)

The rules of the photo contest are as follows:
1. Only submissions to photo.contest@hajet.org will be accepted.
2. Submissions will not be accepted after the deadline.
3. Images must be at least 935px and no more than 1920px.
4. Images should have a ratio of 1920×935.
5. Images must be no larger than 99MB.
6. Photos must be submitted as a JPEG.
7. Only one submission per person is allowed.
8. Submitter must be a member of HAJET.
9. Images must have a brief description accompanying it (when we announce the winner on the blog, we will share this when giving credit).
10. Images must not have any visible watermark.
11. Basic editing is acceptable.
12. Advanced editing, such as adding things to the photo which were not there at the time the photo was taken, is prohibited.
13. Submissions that portray anything inappropriate or offensive will not be accepted.
14. Submissions will be examined before being posted to vote.
15. HAJET reserves the right to crop or edit the winning image in order to get it to fit on the front page (1920 px x 935 px)
16. Deadline for submissions is 7th September.

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