The Hokkaido Association for
Japan Exchange and Teaching

HAJET is a volunteer group of ALT's, CIR's, SEA's, and others bringing both English and their cultures to Hokkaido.

September 2021 Polestar

Welcome the autumn colors with the latest issue of Polestar! This time around, we have some articles introducing beginners to hiking in Hokkaido; a tour of the island’s Michi no Eki by someone who’s seen them all; reminiscences from a former ALT; an interview with the new prefectural advisor; a spotlight on the town of […]

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February 2021 Polestar

Plow into the wintry February edition of Polestar on the joys to experience this season – snow sports and onsen! This month also features farewells to the wonderful HAJET team of 2020-2021. Head on over to the Polestar page and check it out!

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January 2021 Polestar

Kick start 2021 with a journey down the cuisine and history of Hokkaido – our first issue of the year is filled with recommendations for ramen, and an exploration of the place names of Hokkaido. Head on over to the Polestar page and check it out!

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December 2020 Polestar

Polestar’s last issue of the year is now available! Dive down into events and some weather essentials in our last edition of Polestar for the year – exciting moments from our Central Regional Event and a local Disco Dance Club, as well as tips for surviving the Hokkaido winter, and more! Head on over to […]

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November 2020 Polestar

The October 2020 issue of Polestar is now available! Get into the heart of Hokkaido and Japan with Polestar November – engaging reads from the new Ainu cultural texts and a heartfelt personal reflection on body positivity in Japan. Traverse deep into the wonders of mountain passes as we bring you to some of the […]

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