The Hokkaido Association for
Japan Exchange and Teaching

HAJET is a volunteer group of ALT's, CIR's, SEA's, and others bringing both English and their cultures to Hokkaido.

HAJET 2020 Elections

Just a friendly reminder that the PC election will end next Wednesday at midnight, so be sure to vote before then! If you would like to learn more about our wonderful candidates, then check out their information here. And please vote here after reading up on everyone. Thanks for your time!

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Samani Halloween Party 2019

The Samani English Club has held the annual Halloween Party for the past few years, and it has become an event that both parents and children look forward to. In the weekly children’s class meeting leading up to the event, kindergarteners and elementary aged children learned vocabulary words related to Halloween, and were able to […]

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Rumoi Halloween 2019

The Rumoi Halloween Party started out as a small family and friend get together at the home of a JET alumna (a local mother), and with the involvement of current and local ALTs, has grown to become a small community event where local kids can come and experience a little taste of an American/Canadian Halloween […]

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