Chippubetsu Thanksgiving Event

If you’re an avid follower of you might be wondering what this is doing here–well, we’re going start posting event overviews of events that HAJET funds. So that’s what’s up.

Emily Schuster (who you might recognize as HAJET’s VP) put together this Thanksgiving event in her town, Chippubetsu, back in late November. They made Thanksgiving decorations, wrote about what they were thankful for, and then (are you ready for this) COOKED A WHOLE TURKEY WITH STUFFING AND MASHED POTATOES AND EVERYTHING.

(You can thank HAJET for backing the funds for the food on this one. It didn’t cost Emily anything… although there was some assembly required.)

We could go on about how rad the whole thing was but instead we’re going to post some pictures Emily took at the event. You know what they say about the ratio of pictures to words, worth-wise.

IMAG1447 IMG_9402 - Version 2 IMG_9403 - Version 2 IMG_9416 IMG_9427 IMG_9443 IMG_9445 - Version 2 IMG_9451

Dangit actually now I’m all hungry. When is the next turkey-eating opportunity on the calendar?

2016 Winter Meeting in Furano

Jeepers wow, is it that time of year again? Time for the HAJET Prefectural Council to change over? Looks like it is! Which means it’s also time for ALTs to descend upon a ski mecca for a weekend of deep pow, faceshots, good food, good company, and democratic procedure! What a world.

This year’s Winter Meeting will be held in Furano, from February 26-28. Besides the meeting, the changeover of Prefectural Council positions, and enkai on Saturday evening, HAJET’s got a whole slew of events planned, such as: the post-enkai concert, tubing, ceramics-making, cheese-making, visiting a winery, and hot air ballooning, which hold up really? Hot air ballooning? Dang whaaaaaaat

Anyway, you can find more info in the aptly-named Info Pack below; there’s also a Japanese one, which, show it to your Board of Education along with the Japanese Request Letter and maybe they’ll even give you a little funding to attend. Fill out the Google-Forms Online RSVP Form (we promise it’s easy) or alternately the Email-Back Form (which you can email-back to Emily Schuster at and you’ll be ready to go!

Looking forward to seeing you there.



2016 WINTER MEETING INFO PACK // English | Japanese

2016 WINTER MEETING REQUEST LETTER // Japanese in Japanese

You probably didn’t notice, but there’s another tab on the main menu of the website this week, and it’s got some hiragana characters in it. That’s right–we’re starting the big translation of the website. We’re obviously not going to be translating everything, but anything about HAJET that would be useful for Japanese people to be able to read–that is, HAJET’s mission statement, information about events, big announcements, and the like–is going to be translated and added under the 日本語でのHAJET tab.

So if your Board of Education is asking questions about what are these events you keep going to all the time, you can send ’em here, or to the link below. They’re, uh, actually the same link, so it doesn’t matter which one you click on. in Japanese // 日本語でのHAJET

Constitutional Amendment 2015

If you couldn’t make it to the Fall Meeting in Obihiro on October 23-25, you might have missed out on some big news: the HAJET Constitution was revised, and the revisions were voted into reality. Most of the revisions focused on streamlining services that contradicted each other within the previous version, as well as cleaning up some ambiguous grammar.

We think the current constitution is eminently more readable. Which is important, because constitutions are the sort of thing that we know a lot of ALTs like to read in their free time. Of which there is, I’m sure we all recognize, a good deal.

Anyway, if you’re curious about what’s been changed, head over here to read the list of revisions.

The new HAJET Constitution is posted in its entirety here. It should look generally familiar but it’s wearing a new coat of paint and we think it looks a lot better that way.



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