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2015 HAJET Summer Meeting at Lake Abashiri RSVP Extravaganza

Save the Date - 2015 Summer Meeting

Okay folks, it’s time to RSVP for the summer meeting! Wow hurray! RSVPs are my favorite thing in the whole world I don’t know about you but I just get so hyped for RSVPs. The ol’ repondez-s’il-vous-plait.

Either fill out the form below, or if you’re feeling old-school, download the attached Word file and fill it out there, or if you’re feeling super-duper old-school, print out the Word file and write on it with a pen, then scan it back into the computer so Emily can see your beautiful handwriting. If you’re going the download-and-fill-out route, send it along to Emily at vp@hajet.org. If you’re filling out the poll, the Internet will do all the heavy lifting for you, so you basically just have to hit submit and that’s it! Holy moly we live in a truly wonderful day and age.

And what do you know — Emily’s even organized a Japanese-language info pack and request form for showing to your coworkers. Why don’t you print those bad boys out and drop ’em on the appropriate authority’s desk, green plastic desk cover marks the spot?

INFO PACK // 2015 HAJET Summer Meeting Info Pack

WORD DOCUMENT RSVP // 2015 HAJET Summer Meeting Email Back Form



2015 Summer Meeting RSVP Form
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  8. How many nights' accommodation will you require?

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  10. BBQ Enkai (Saturday)
  11. HEC Rental Tents
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  13. Will you be bringing a dessert to the auction?

  14. Vis-a-vis HAJET memberships...

  15. Workshops

  16. Sightseeing (see the Information Pack for detailed information.

  17. Receipt?


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Save the Date! 2015 HAJET Summer Meeting

Save the Date - 2015 Summer Meeting

Hey everyone!

The date and location for the 2015 HAJET Summer Meeting have been set!

Lake Abashiri

Memanbetsu Kohan Campground

June 26th – June 28th

More information will be sent out in early May, but if you have any questions at present, please email Emily Schuster at vp@hajet.org.

Winner of the Smile Kids Hokkaido T-Shirt Contest

smile kids logo

Hello everyone!

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for their favorite design in the Smile Kids Hokkaido T-Shirt Contest! After 7 days of voting.. the results are in! And the winner is…

…drum roll please…

Design 3 [Hokkaido] by Ian Pun!!! Congratulations Ian!

SKHT Design 3 (1) [Hokkaido] SKHT Design 3 (2) [Hokkaido]

Thanks again to all the designers for all their hard work :-) and watch this space for information on how to get your very own t-shirt!

Best wishes,


Smile Kids Hokkaido T-Shirt Design Contest

smile kids logoHello HAJET!

The designs are in for the Smile Kids Hokkaido T-Shirt Design Contest! Thank you to our awesome designers for their hard work and creativity!We have three excellent designs for you to choose from, please find their images attached.

When you’re ready, go here to vote: http://goo.gl/forms/R8rkRJ7kpS (only one vote permitted per person, Gmail log in required).

You have until Wednesday 8th!

Happy voting :-)

Best wishes, Lauren



image1SKHT Design 1 (2) [Super]


SKHT Design 2 (1) [Annie] SKHT Design 2 (2) [Annie]


SKHT Design 3 (1) [Hokkaido] SKHT Design 3 (2) [Hokkaido]

Female Sumo Wrestling Tournament!

PN2014051101001542.-.-.CI0002 womensumo2

Are you interested in learning a bit about Japan’s sumo wrestling culture?
Have you wanted to try it yourself?

Here’s your chance to participate in a female-only sumo competition hosted by Fukushima-cho in the south!

Fukushima-cho is the hometown of two renowned sumo champions (yokozuna), Chiyonoyama and Chiyonofuji. This is the 24th year the event is being held. The participants are all female, but the age ranges from young (the minimum age to participate is 18) to old, and in recent years fellow JETs have joined this event as participants and competed in some powerful matches!

Here are some more details of the event:


Sunday, May 10 2015
9:30 – 14:00

Kagamiyama Park (Fukushima Daijinguu)
Matsumae-gun, Fukushima-cho, Aza-fukushima 219

Ladies over the age of 18

How much?
2000 yen to participate (paid by registered mail (Genkin Kakitome), or in person at Fukushima-cho office)
Free to come watch

Not only do the winners get fabulous prizes including cash, there are prizes and souvenirs for all participants, too!

How do I apply?
Fill out this form below and send it, with 2000 yen cash, by registered mail to Fukushima Tourism Association:


〒049-1392 北海道 松前郡 福島町 字福島 820番地
Hokkaido, Matsumae-gun, Fukushima-cho, Azafukushima 820-banchi
Fukushima Tourism Association

The deadline to apply is Wednesday, April 22 (or when it reaches the max number of participants, 64 people), so get your applications in early!


Please direct them to Fukushima Tourism Association:
Phone 0139-47-3004
Email kankou@town.fukushima.hokkaido.jp
(You should be able to contact them in English)

What else?

If you’re not so inclined to participate but want to watch, or you are into photography, there is also a photo contest! Attend the event, take some amazing shots of these wonderful wrestlers, and send them to Fukushima-cho to win great prizes.
And no, you don’t have to be a lady to take the photos!

Apply here: http://www.town.fukushima.hokkaido.jp/div/kankou/spot/event/onnazumou/photo27.pdf

For details, please contact the Fukushima Tourism Association.


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