The Hokkaido Association for Japan Exchange and Teaching

I see you’ve found your way to the official website for the greatest assembly of ALTs in Hokkaido. If you’re here for support from your fellow ALTs and CIRs, then you’ve come to the right place! If you’re not sure where you are or why you’re here, then peruse the links below and learn why HAJET is the undisputed champion for best ALT/CIR support group of all time. And also consider joining us, because we are the best.

How to Join  <– You should really click here, pal. Trust me.

Benefits of joining?

International Event Funding!     |     HAJET Activities Database

So what do we even do around here anyway?

HAJET Funded Events     |      Upcoming HAJET Events

Wait, who runs HAJET again?

And what’s a “Prefectural Advisor?”

What’s this… “HEC” thing I keep hearing about?