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Winner of the Smile Kids Hokkaido T-Shirt Contest

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Hello everyone!

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for their favorite design in the Smile Kids Hokkaido T-Shirt Contest! After 7 days of voting.. the results are in! And the winner is…

…drum roll please…

Design 3 [Hokkaido] by Ian Pun!!! Congratulations Ian!

SKHT Design 3 (1) [Hokkaido] SKHT Design 3 (2) [Hokkaido]

Thanks again to all the designers for all their hard work :-) and watch this space for information on how to get your very own t-shirt!

Best wishes,


Smile Kids Hokkaido T-Shirt Design Contest

smile kids logoHello HAJET!

The designs are in for the Smile Kids Hokkaido T-Shirt Design Contest! Thank you to our awesome designers for their hard work and creativity!We have three excellent designs for you to choose from, please find their images attached.

When you’re ready, go here to vote: http://goo.gl/forms/R8rkRJ7kpS (only one vote permitted per person, Gmail log in required).

You have until Wednesday 8th!

Happy voting :-)

Best wishes, Lauren



image1SKHT Design 1 (2) [Super]


SKHT Design 2 (1) [Annie] SKHT Design 2 (2) [Annie]


SKHT Design 3 (1) [Hokkaido] SKHT Design 3 (2) [Hokkaido]

Female Sumo Wrestling Tournament!

PN2014051101001542.-.-.CI0002 womensumo2

Are you interested in learning a bit about Japan’s sumo wrestling culture?
Have you wanted to try it yourself?

Here’s your chance to participate in a female-only sumo competition hosted by Fukushima-cho in the south!

Fukushima-cho is the hometown of two renowned sumo champions (yokozuna), Chiyonoyama and Chiyonofuji. This is the 24th year the event is being held. The participants are all female, but the age ranges from young (the minimum age to participate is 18) to old, and in recent years fellow JETs have joined this event as participants and competed in some powerful matches!

Here are some more details of the event:


Sunday, May 10 2015
9:30 – 14:00

Kagamiyama Park (Fukushima Daijinguu)
Matsumae-gun, Fukushima-cho, Aza-fukushima 219

Ladies over the age of 18

How much?
2000 yen to participate (paid by registered mail (Genkin Kakitome), or in person at Fukushima-cho office)
Free to come watch

Not only do the winners get fabulous prizes including cash, there are prizes and souvenirs for all participants, too!

How do I apply?
Fill out this form below and send it, with 2000 yen cash, by registered mail to Fukushima Tourism Association:


〒049-1392 北海道 松前郡 福島町 字福島 820番地
Hokkaido, Matsumae-gun, Fukushima-cho, Azafukushima 820-banchi
Fukushima Tourism Association

The deadline to apply is Wednesday, April 22 (or when it reaches the max number of participants, 64 people), so get your applications in early!


Please direct them to Fukushima Tourism Association:
Phone 0139-47-3004
Email kankou@town.fukushima.hokkaido.jp
(You should be able to contact them in English)

What else?

If you’re not so inclined to participate but want to watch, or you are into photography, there is also a photo contest! Attend the event, take some amazing shots of these wonderful wrestlers, and send them to Fukushima-cho to win great prizes.
And no, you don’t have to be a lady to take the photos!

Apply here: http://www.town.fukushima.hokkaido.jp/div/kankou/spot/event/onnazumou/photo27.pdf

For details, please contact the Fukushima Tourism Association.


Third Round of Voting!

This is the third and hopefully LAST round of voting to fill all the Council positions.
Please vote and tell your friends too! Let’s not have a fourth round!

Voting begins Thursday February 25th and ends at 11:59pm on Thursday, March 5th.

Go to http://vote.hajet.org during that time to place your vote. You will need a password that is sent by email.

If you are a JET but did not receive an email, please contact president@hajet.org.

And now for the candidates…

Central Representatives:

Dave Dilling

dave dilling
Where are you from?
I was born in the steel city, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania deep in the rust belt of America, but I’ve called Colorado home for most of my adult life and currently keep an address in Durango.

Where are you now?

I live in Nanporo in south-central Sorachi-gun, famous for cabbage, rice and I guess our onsen is quite nice…
What has been your greatest moment in Hokkaido?

The birth of my son this past Fall was pretty epic…so I’ll go with that.

Why would you be a good Central Representative?
If I am elected I promise the trains will run on time, the exchange rate will drop to 50 yen to the dollar, and pot in every chicken…or something like that…or you know, I’ll try to keep my peeps up to date on goings on in the central region and maybe a keg at our welcome party would be nice.
Who is your biggest fictional crush?
Dr. Horrible seems like he’d be a cool guy to hang out with…(If you’re not familiar check out Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog)

Debbie Walter


Where are you from?
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.
Where you are now?
Kuriyama-cho, Hokkaido
What has been your greatest moment in Hokkaido?
Every moment that I can spend with my students! Especially at one of my elementary schools, hearing them call out my name or English greetings with such enthusiasm makes any day feel so much better! Also, every moment I’m not slipping on wet ice is the greatest moment in my book.
Why you would be a good Central Rep?
I’ve helped organize quite a few events for my Japanese Culture club back in college, such as culture festivals, food nights, game/movie nights, etc. In addition, my friends have always come to me for advice. Even in situations where I don’t have any practical advice to give, I know how important it is just to have a sympathetic ear! Also, I’m interested in getting to know more about Hokkaido, trying new things, and making new friends! So, with that said, why don’t we explore Hokkaido together?
Who is your biggest fictional crush?
Jon Snow, but only because Kit Harington isn’t fictional.

Southwestern Rep

Dori White


Where are you from?
The wilds of Kansas.

Where are you now?
The Forest. Literally. My town’s name is Forest. Mori Machi. Forest Town.

What has been your best moment in Hokkaido?

Taking silver in Fukushima’s woman’s only Sumo competition.

Climbing Mt. Yotei.
HEC camp.Why would you be a good Southwestern Rep?
Well, I’ve been in the SW for a long time. I know the towns, people, and area. I’ve also helped past SW reps before.
However, the main reason I think I would be a good rep is that I really enjoy the SW peeps.  Everybody here is super awesome. I want us to try to connect with other regions. I would also like to organize more events to bring the SW family closer together and interact with the rest of HAJET.Biggest Fictional Crush:
Sherlock Holmes.

Grab the password from your email and take 10 seconds to vote now!


Thank you! (^v^)

Updated International Funding Application

Are you organizing an international event in your community that you’d like HAJET to consider funding?


Head over to the International Event Funding page and download a copy of the application form!



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