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Rubeshibe High School’s First Annual Christmas Party (re-post from 2016)

You may be wondering, “Why am I seeing event posts about Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. in mid-August..? You okay, Webmaster?” Don’t worry, I am A-okay. This post was originally on HAJET’s former website, and the new one’s looking a little empty. Use this event as a great example of what *you* can do with HAJET International Event Funding!

Check out Rubeshibe’s first annual Christmas party, hosted by Stephanie Serres!

Rubeshibe High School held its first annual Christmas Party on December 22nd, 2016. The snowy afternoon was full of Christmas tree decorating, joyous caroling, candy munching, educational-yet fun-Power Point learning, and comfortable and casual conversing. All of this fun and cultural exchange would not have been made possible without the financial assistance of HAJET. Thanks to HAJET’s Event Funding, Rubeshibe High School was able to end the year with happiness and merriment.

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