International Event Funding!

So you might be thinking to yourself, “Wait, really? I have to pay to join HAJET? Well, golly, I sure do hope I get something good in return…” And you do! In fact, we ask for money from you so that we can ultimately use it for you. And one of the biggest things HAJET provides in this regard is International Event Funding.

Official HAJET Event Funding Policy

Official HAJET Event Funding Application

Tl;dr: HAJET will sponsor culturally educational events hosted by members, so long as said member follows the correct steps to earn funding. Scroll a little further for the long-winded version.

And just so you’re aware: while many of the events that you’ll see on the website tend to be Western holiday related, there is no requirement for you to have a Christmas or Thanksgiving, etc. theme. In fact, we encourage you to think outside of the box! As long as you follow the funding policy guidelines, we are happy to fund any event that promotes English education and international immersion!

[A simple step-by-step explanation of the process is coming soon, but for now, check out the application and policy forms above!]

[More detailed explanation of International Event Funding coming soon!]

*Image courtesy of Wall Street Journal.