The HAJET Constitution

Everyone, put on your serious faces. It’s serious HAJET business only on this page. Presenting: The HAJET Constitution.

The HAJET Constitution | Revised February 2019

Got more questions about the nitty-gritty of HAJET’s inner workings?

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Want to sing praises to the PC for artfully crafting this document?

Here’s what you can (and should!) do:

  1. Get involved! Become a HAJET member and attend our seasonal meetings to hear about major HAJET updates and to meet with PC members in person.
  2. Get even more involved! PC changeovers happen annually, and any HAJET member can apply for just about any position! (Regional reps must be from the appropriate region, of course.)
  3. Get in touch! Contact any PC member at any time with any questions or comments! We’ll be happy to provide answers and receive feedback.