HAJET Funded Events

Samani Easter 2019

My fellow JETs and I put on this event to share our culture with the children in our town and surrounding towns. Since doing this event last year, we have seen that there are more and more ‘Easter’-like things in stores: Easter eggs, chocolates, baskets, etc. Despite this, we felt like an event was still a […]

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Samani American Cooking Class

The fellow JETs in my town and I enjoy eating a variety of foods, not just typical ‘American’ food. During our previous cooking classes, we promoted food that we generally thought was considered ‘American,’ but after discussing what we wanted to cook for our final class of the financial year, we wanted to broaden the […]

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Canadian Cooking Class – Hanna Callen-Wicks

The purpose of this event was to give students an opportunity to make a food from another culture which is not often heard of or eaten in Japan. This was also an opportunity for me, as a Canadian, to share with my students part of my culture; especially something as iconic as poutine. During a […]

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